2020, 28’30’’, documentary

The film tells how and why the communist secret service spied on actor Georgi Partsalev in the 1950s/1960s and how the collected information about him has been used over the years by the Ministry of Interior and party functionaries. Partsalev’s record bears witness to a time when the repressive state apparatus of the communist regime was used to reshape the society. OLEG KOVACHEV studied Cinematography at NATFA, Sofia (1980). He worked at Boyana Film Studios (1986–1991). Director/writer/director of photography of dozens of films. The Soul (1986) was his directorial debut. In 2019 he made a documentary about Bulgarian revolutionaries Hajji Dimiter and Stefan Karadja, Men of Fire. He was behind the re-opening of the legendary Vlaikova cinema in Sofia. Writer/director of a number of award-winning documentaries including Golden Rhyton for Best Director for his 245.5 (2009).
Script: Vessela Smiletz
Director: Oleg Kovachev
Cinematography: Dobrolub Iliev
Production: BNT
Contact: www.bnt.bg , + 359 887 281485, juliana.boianova@bnt.bg