2019, 15’, documentary

Kiril is a 12-year-old boy from Sofia. He is very active in football and other sports but he has gained weight and cannot play fast anymore. What Kiril is very good at, is commenting sports. He even manages to get to the big stadium and do as the professionals do. PETER GAITANDJIEV studied Film and TV Directing under the tutorship of Prof. Ivan Nichev at NATFA, Sofia and the Film Academy Vienna. Writer/director of documentaries and feature films, of popular TV games and shows; made a number of documentaries, educational and funny films for BNT.
Script: Peter Gaitandjiev
Director: Peter Gaitandjiev
Cinematography: Kamen Kolev
Production: BNT
Contact: + 359 877 977432, petergaitan@abv.bg; +0887 281485, juliana.boianova@bnt.bg