The five-member jury at the 21st edition of Golden Rhyton Festival of Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film presided over by Stanimir Trifonov and members Galina LardevaTzvetomira NikolovaEmil Spahiiski and Konstantin Zankov, gave awards as follows:

Golden Rhyton for Best Documentary

– to The Last Black Sea Pirates; production: Agitprop, Martichka Bojilova; writer Vanya Rainova; director Svetoslav Stoyanov; cinematography: Orlin Ruevski, Ivan Nikolov

 for the authentic, gripping and spontaneous narrative about human dream of freedom, love and tomorrow, threatened by greed;

Golden Rhyton for Best Animated Film

– to A Story from the Woollen Kingdom; production: Gala Film Ltd, Galina Toneva, Kiril Kirilov; writers Angel Manov, Teodora Manova; director Angel Manov; cinematography: Svetozar Marekov

 for a promising rebirth of Bulgarian puppet film, achieved by a sense of humour, imagination and inventiveness.

Special Jury Award for documentary

– The Book of Silence to director Anri Koulev and writer Boris Hristov

 for the unusual way of rendering the philosophical idea of an artwork into a cinematographic picture.

Best Documentary Director

– to Rosen Elezov

 for overall presentation in the competition.

The Award to Art Director, Writer, Director and Animator of a Cartoon went to Ilian Velikov for Pissed Off

 the funniest, yet the saddest at the same time animated film at the festival.

Best Debut to director Diana Ivanova for Listen

 for her gripping narrative of how freedom of expression and truth could break through the gloomiest of regimes.

Best Cinematographer to Svetla Ganeva

 for accomplished plasticity of rendition in The Book of Silence

Plovdiv Municipality Award to Citizen Cinema, production: ARS Digital, Ivan Tonev; writer/director Kosta Bikov

 by the European Capital of Culture 2019 in homage to Cinema Man

Special Mention in Documentary Film category to:

– The Enlightening Life Story of the Prošek Brothers, production: Kadiak film – Lubomir Halatchev; writer Vladi Kirov; director Lubomir Halatchev; cinematography: Emil Penev and

– The Dead Open the Eyes of the Livingproduction: Korund–X Ltd. – Hristo Hristov; writer/director Stanislava Kalcheva; cinematography: Krasimir Andonov

Honourable Mention in Animated Film category for:

– Puddle, production: Nagual, Nastimir Tsachev; writer/director Vera Doneva and

– The Day of the Bleeding Gums, production: Dimitar Dimitrov – Animiter; writer Dilyan Elenkov; director Dimitar Dimitrov

The following awards were also presented:

The Award by the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers

– went to Dimitar Shishmanov: Points to Ponder, production: Geopoly Film – Pavlina Zheleva; writer Elena Mihailovska, Konstantina Gulyashka; director Ralitsa Dimitrova; cinematography: Plamen Gerasimov

The Critics Guild Award, UBF

– went to The Book of Silence, production: Atract DM Ltd; writer Boris Hristov; director Anri Koulev; cinematography: Svetla Ganeva

The Bulgarian National Film Archive Award

– went to Citizen Cinema, production: ARS Digital, Ivan Tonev; writer/director Kosta Bikov; cinematography: Ivan Tonev

The Award of Academica 21 Association of the academic Screen Arts lecturers

– went to Inside The Rock, production: BNT & MLN OOD –Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova; writers Zlatimir Kolarov, Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova; director Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova; cinematography: Martin Dimitrov.