2020, 27‘, documentary

Galilee Simeonov (91), a professor at the National Academy of Art, Sofia opted for living in a village, in the house of his grandfather, surrounded by a multitude of versions and originals of his artworks. He shares pieces of his life and thoughts of art, of the greats from various periods and places across the world. RALITSA DIMITROVA studied Film Directing at the State University of Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow; worked for Vreme Studio and BNT; wrote and directed more than 100 documentaries, children’s films, spots, music videos, etc. She has participated and earned distinctions at festivals in Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Kosovo, Greece, Russia, USA, etc. Her He, Who Travels Alone (2012) received Best Documentary Director Award of the Bulgarian Film Academy.
Script: Ralitza Dimitrova
Director: Ralitza Dimitrova
Cinematography: Plamen Gerasimov
Production: B Plus Film Ltd. – Plamen Gerasimov
Contact: +359 888723416,