2019, 54, documentary

The last days of a village about to be wiped off the map because of large coal deposits for the coal-fired power stations on the territory of Maritsa-Iztok energy complex. What worries and disturbs the few villagers, who have not left their homes yet, how do they envision their future while excavators are destroying their houses? ELDORA TRAYKOVA is a documentary filmmaker. She studied at NATFA, Sofia. Her credits include more than 40 documentary films such as Neon Light Tales (1993), Of Men and Bears (1996), Life in a Ghetto (1999), Born with the Century (2000), Dancing Bear Park (2004), Cambridge (2015).
Script: Assen Vladimirov
Director: Eldora Traykova
Cinematography: Emil Christov
Production: ProFilm – Assen Vladimirov
Contact: +359 887 250 323,