2020, 7‘ 41‘‘, animation debut

A post-technological parable of aggression as a destructive and fatal urge inherent in an individual or a society. A detail (bolt) as an aphoristic and integral part of the system, its existence and destruction. ILIYA SHEKERDZHIEV studied Cinematography at NBU (2014). Makes computer animation since 2009. Worked for Boyana Film Studios as an animator; visual effects for Worldwide FX. Festivals & Awards: WFAF 2020, Varna
Script: Ivan Vesselinov
Director: Iliya Shekerdzhiev
Animation: Iliya Shekerdzhiev
Music: Ani Svinarova
Production: Attract – Rumen Barosov
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: +359 888 258929,,
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