2020, 54‘, documentary

In the style of Discovery, including interviews and 3D animation, the film explores worldwide the changing attitude of mankind towards pain as a product of consciousness and the ways of managing it over the centuries. VALENTINA FIDANOVA KOLAROVA majored in Directing from NATFA; PhD in Film and TV, Assoc. Prof. at NATFA. She has directed a number of documentaries, feature films, short features, as well as theatrical plays. Author of four books and a theatrical play. A member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers, Union of Bulgarian Journalists, Union of Bulgarian Writers, Academica 21 Association, Association of Film and TV Directors.
Script: Prof. Zlatimir Kolarov
Director: Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova
Cinematography: Krasimir Stoichov, Zdravko Rujev
Production: MLN Film – Zlatimir Kolarov
Supported by Miramar Film, Magic Shop Ltd., Dolly Media Studio
Contact: +359 887 23 51 53,