The rhyton, which has been awarded, with a few interruptions, to the winners in the categories of documentary and animated film, was made by sculptor Nedelcho Kostadinov.

In 1998, after a long interruption, the Festival was in quest of a new vision of its award. Kostadinov came up with his own interpretation of the festivals of Bacchus, drawing on the traditional images chiselled onto Thracian rhyta, found across Bulgarian lands. The rhyta of these hoards depict protomai (foreparts) of bulls, horses, winged sphinxes, etc. Kostadinov sculptured a rhyton with a satyr protoma and elements of the imagery of the Bacchanalia represented on its upper part such as grapes, vine leaves, bacchae.

The award statuette (height: 17cm, weight: 2.2kg) is cast in bronze, its upper part given the rich look of bronze patina, with polished black marble plinth.