| 2023
| 9.51 min.
| Animation

Script: Yoana Atanasova
Director: Yoana Atanasova
Animation: Yoana Atanasova
Cinematography: Georgy Cholakov
Music: Mira Iskarova

Production: GEOPOLY FILM – Pavlina Jeleva

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

A Woman and a Man are going through a break-up. Left alone, he remembers their dance of love. With a storm rising, only the tiny folded paper boat can save them. However, all sorts of dangers lurk beneath the rough sea.

YOANA ATANASOVA was born in 1989. She graduated from the Atanas Radev Secondary School of Mathematics in Yambol, before continuing her studies in Animated Cinema at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. ‘Mine Only’, her first animated film, won the Best Animated Film Debut Awards at the 22nd Golden Rhyton Festival of Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film (2015) and the Bulgarian Film Academy (2016).

Festivals & Awards: Union of Bulgarian Artists award, World Festival of Animated Film, Varna; Best Animated Film, Prague Independent Film Festival; Best Animated Film, LA Independent Women Film Awards; 2023 Trujillo International Independent Film Festival, Grand Panorama CINANIMA; Montreal Independent Film Festival ’23, official selection; Honorable Mention, Košice International Film Festival; Identity/Society/Memory Award, Tbilisi 6th International Animation Festival