| 2022
| 20 min.
| Documentary

Script: Vladimir Andonov, Georgi Marinov
Director: Vladimir Andonov
Cinematography: Georgi Marinov
Music: Sadak Sabri

Production: Match Frame Studio – Vladimir Andonov, Georgi Marinov

Supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria

Galib is a descendant of musicians from an Alevi village. When the last dede in the community dies, the villagers nominate Galib as their religious leader, but he refuses because he is still young. However, fate seems to have something else in store for him.

VLADIMIR ANDONOV was born in Sofia. He graduated in Film and TV Direction from the New Bulgarian University. He has scripted, directed and edited eight short documentary and feature films, ‘Aşk’ being his sixth and ‘Benevolence’ the seventh, both awarded a Special Mention at the OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival.

Festivals & Awards: Special Mention, OKO International Ethnographic Film Festival