| 2023
| 166 min.
| Documentary

Script: Vassil Varbanov
Director: Vassil Varbanov
Cinematography: Krum Rodriguez and Orlin Ruevski
Artist: Tekla Aleksieva

Production: Lazkrizz Ltd. – Daniela Filipova-Dankisha

Supported by the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality; co-production with Bulgarian National Television

A documentary about the game of rugby and its origins, development and key figures in Bulgaria. The story transcends the boundaries of a sporting documentary and gives a much broader picture of life in the country, as well as the long-term effects of the system once imposed upon our lives, which can still be felt today.

VASSIL VARBANOV is a popular radio and TV journalist who, along with hosting music and culture programmes, has commentated on rugby on Bulgarian National TV, Eurosport Bulgaria and Max Sport for more than fifteen years. As a former player himself, Varbanov is well acquainted with the philosophy of the game and the specificity of its culture.