| 2022
| 7 min.
| Animation

Script: Ani Antonova, Dimiter Ovtcharov
Director: Ani Antonova, Dimiter Ovtcharov
Animation: Ani Antonova, Dimiter Ovtcharov
Cinematography: Simon Todorov
Music: Valeria Popova

Production: Kopfkino, Omega films – Ani Antonova, Svetoslav Ovtcharov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Driven by desideration, a man wanders about in constant search for and pursuit of a magical cornucopia—his greed dragging him into clashes and wars with people, with nature, and with himself. His vicissitudes are brought to life on the surface of an ancient vase.

ANI ANTONOVA and DIMITER OVTCHAROV, as members of the KOPFKINO Association, make animation films, sculptures and interactive installations. Their first documentary film animation, ‘The Outlander’, was screened at many international film festivals and received numerous prizes. Their second, ‘Cornucopia’, received the Best Animation Award at the Thomas Edison IFF in New Jersey, USA.

Festivals & Awards: 2023 Austrian Independent Film Festival; 2023 Veracruz World Film Festival, Mexico; Best Short Animation, 2023 Animation Nights New York, USA; 2023 Short to the Point IFF, Bucharest, Romania; Jury’s Stellar Award for Animation, 2023 Thomas Edison Film Festival