| 2023
| 7 min.
| Animation

Script: Krasimira Ivanova, Ralitza Cvetkova
Director: Lolita Nikolova
Animation: Petar Topalov, Kristian Zahariev, Silvia Lulcheva
Music: Mihail Dichev

Production: Full Moon Wolf LLC – Pavel Pavlov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center; Angel Production Ltd. – Angel Georgiev

With the first breath it takes, an eaglet is placed in a hopeless no-win situation. The deal for its life has already been made, and the end is even scarier than the beginning. In order to overcome the limitations of the country yard into which it has fallen, it will have to face the mighty enemy of the chicken coop.

LOLITA NIKOLOVA studied Cinema and Theatre in France for one year. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Film Direction at the New Bulgarian University. She directed and edited the trailer for the Bulgarian magical fairy-tale novel, ‘Maya’s Journey: in Search of the Tree of Life’, and the diabolically fabulous, graduation short feature film project, ‘The Angel of Chartres’, dedicated to Atanas Dalchev’s life and poetry.

Festivals & Awards: 2023 Vasil Gendov Awards of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers