| 2023
| 55 min.
| Documentary

Script: Pavel G. Vesnakov
Director: Pavel G. Vesnakov
Cinematography: Martin Balkansky

Production: BNT – Irena Marinova

‘Georgi Gospodinov in the Shelter of Time’, a film about the first Bulgarian winner of the International Booker Prize (2023), takes us into the writer’s personal space where, amid books, notes and memories, we makes his acquaintance. Georgi Gospodinov recollects his first words—heard, read or written—which predetermined his writing career. For him, childhood, memory, what did not happen, the past, are all constant sources of themes and inspiration.

PAVEL VESNAKOV was born in Sofia in 1987. He graduated in Film Studies from the New Bulgarian University, under Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov. His debut film, ‘Trains’, won the Jameson Award at the 2011 Sofia Film Fest and the Best Bulgarian Short Film Award at the In the Palace IFF, Balchik. His subsequent short films have also won national and international prizes. ‘German Lessons’, his full-length feature debut as a director, won him the Special Jury Award at the Sofia Film Fest (2021); the Golden Rose Festival Directing Award (2021); and Best Feature Film Award at the National Festival of Bulgarian Cinema, the 2022 Vasil Gendov Awards of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.

Vesnakov has also directed several of the most successful Bulgarian series, including ‘Father’s Day’, ‘The Devil’s Throat’, and ‘All About My Son’, which is soon to be broadcast on Bulgarian National Television.