| 2022
| 10 min.
| Documentary

Script: Bistra Okereke, Violeta Valcheva
Director: Violeta Valchevа
Production designer: Violeta Valcheva
Cinematography: Rebeka Naydenova
Music: Athanasios Zarkalis

Production: Violeta Valchevа, Slavena Zaykova

Supported by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria

‘In-between’ is a poetic reflection on the subject of belonging. Bistra Okereke is a poetess and actress of Nigerian and Bulgarian origin. In her poetry, she examines both universal and specific experiences of a person of mixed origin. ‘In-between’ is an experimental film with documentary elements exploring the theme of identity. Through a combination of stylistic approaches (documentary, dance, and visually abstract shots), the film reveals Bistra’s intimate journey.

VIOLETA VALCHEVA is a director, writer, creative producer and audio-visual designer, who employs an interdisciplinary approach. As an artist, her oeuvre varies greatly: she operates across a contrasting range of formats—from aesthetic solos to group concepts, from dance to theatre, site-specific performances to video and AR installations. In addition to choreographing her own performances, she has worked as a dancer and curator in Berlin. She often collaborates with designers and performers on commercial, community and independent productions.