| 2023
| 67 min.
| Documentary

Script: Pencho Kovachev and Stanislava Kalcheva
Director: Stanislava Kalcheva
Cinematography: Martin Dimitrov
Music: Blagomir Alexiev

Production: Korund-X Ltd. – Hristo Hristov and Nikolay Hristov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

How does a milkman’s son become an artistic phenomenon? He has no impressive figure or rich timbre. He does not shine with a special culture, he does not study, he does not read, he does not like to write. But when he acts, his stage becomes cramped.

STANISLAVA KALCHEVA is the director of over thirty documentaries, and the screenwriter of twelve of them. ‘Offline?’ won awards at Academica 21 and the 2017 Golden Rhyton; ‘The Dead Open the Eyes of the Living’: Certificate of Honour at the 2014 Golden Rhyton Festival; ‘Achilles’ Heel’, Special Award of the jury, 2010 Golden Rhyton Festival; ‘One Bulgarian Voice in Europe’, the award of the French Cultural Center in 2006.