| 2022
| 82 min.
| Documentary
| Debut

Script: Veselin Dimanov
Director: Veselin Dimanov
Cinematography: Kaloyan Ignatov
Music: Georgii Cherkin

Production: Afflatus

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

‘Morality Is Goodness’ follows Prof. Christian Takov’s life journey against the background of the historical events of the latest decades in Bulgaria. The film presents extensive unpublished archival footage and series of interviews with the family of Prof. Takov, and like-minded people. Together, they open a door to his world, where words like truth, justice, morality and kindness are proven with every life choice that Christian makes.

VESELIN DIMANOV was born in Plovdiv on 12 August 1989. In 2016, he founded the youth media, ‘The Voice of Young People’, with a group of journalism students. Veselin interviewed Bulgarian public figures, politicians, and journalists, including Takov. ‘Morality Is Goodness’ is his debut full-length documentary, inspired by the life and work of Prof. Christian Takov.

Festivals & Awards: Five nominations for the 2023 Vasil Gendov Festival of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and Best Documentary Debut Award for Veselin Dimanov; 2023 Apollonia Festival of Arts; 2023 Love is Folly IFF.