| 2023
| 78 min.
| Documentary

Script: Ivaylo Manev
Director: Nikola Boshnakov, Georgi Stoev – Jackie
Cinematography: Antony Stoev
Music: Ray van Zeschau, FDIO

Production: Gala Film – Galina Toneva, Kiril Kirilov, Ray van Zeschau

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center, Sachsische Kulturstiftung Des Freistaates Sachsen, Sächsische Landesanstalt fur Privaten Rundfunk and Neue Medien (SLM), Welt Klub Dresden

Ray van Zeschau, the frontman of legendary German rock band FREUNDE DER ITALIENISCHEN OPER, arrives in Sofia to sell the apartment he has inherited from his recently deceased Bulgarian uncle, artist Luben Stoev. The painter’s home is full of memories, artworks, stories and videos. As in a detective movie, piece by piece, Ray solves the puzzle of his uncle’s life both as an artist and a personality.
NIKOLA BOSHNAKOV was born in 1977. After graduating from high school, he took a job at the Second Paint Workshop of the Machine-tool Plant. Then he sold newspapers in Sofia, before serving his time as a soldier in 1997, in a border detachment at Dragoman. In 2006, he graduated in Film Direction from the New Bulgarian University, where, together with Mitko Taralezhkov and Oleg Konstantinov, he founded Bidon Film. His documentaries include ‘Lifestyle’ (2004), ‘Silence Is Golden’ (2006), and ‘Jackie, Johnny, and Charlie Are Not Pet Dog Names’ (2010).

GEORGI STOEV – JACKIE has for long been universally recognised as one of the great oddballs in Bulgarian cinema. His talent, curiosity, and tireless sense of humour lie at the heart of all his projects. His better-known films are ‘Life in the Belly of a Cow’ (1977), ‘Rituals of Love’ (1977), ‘Few Days’ (1977), ‘Itzko’ (1983), ‘Father Ivan and His Children’ (2010 Golden Rhyton); and the feature films ‘Our Shoshkanini’ (1982), ‘The Adventures of Spas and Nelly’ (1987), and ‘Fly with Rosinante’ (2007).

Festivals & Awards: 2023 International Documentary Competition, 27th Sofia International Film Festival; 2023 Official Selection, 3rd Rhodope International Documentary Film Festival; 2023 Central and Eastern Europe Competition, 30th Astra International Film Festival, Sibiu