| 2022
| 81 min.
| Documentary
| Debut

Script: Mariana Sabeva, Nikolay Stefanov, Ralitsa Golemanova
Director: Nikolay Stefanov
Cinematography: Nikolay Stefanov

Production: Smarty Pants Shooter – Ralitsa Golemanova

Coproduction with HBO MAX – Hanka Kastelicova and Tereza Keilova

No Place for You in Our Town’ draws viewers in among the football gang in Pernik, the roughest city in Bulgaria. Once a flourishing industrial centre, it is known today for jokes about the uncouthness of its citizens. Following communal and personal crises, the film reveals life beyond the cliché.

NIKOLAY STEFANOV graduated with an MA in Cinematography in 2003. His feature-length documentary debut, ‘No Place for You in Our Town’, co-produced by HBO MAX, has been selected at more than twenty-five of the best film festivals. His next film, ‘Making Friends with the Idea of a Father’, was developed in the EURODOC international programme by producer Ralitsa Golemanova.

Festivals & Awards: 2023 Vasil Gendov Awards of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers: Best Documentary, Best Documentary Director, Best Documentary Editing; Best Documentary Award at the 2023 Rhodope International Film Festival; Special Achievement Award in the Documentary Section of the 20th International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films (2023), over twenty-five festival selections