| 2022
| 5 min.
| Animation

Script: Stefan Voyvodov
Director: Stefan Voyvodov
Animation: Teodor Ralev
Cinematography: Stefan Voyvodov
Music: Stefan Voyvodov

Production: Stefan Voyvodov

Supported by the Creative Scholarship Programme of the National Culture Fund

A film about personality as a natural phenomenon and the individual’s instincts. The determination and fate of a fish out of its school…

Stefan Voivodov was born in Sofia in 1995. He graduated in Film Animation and Animation Direction from the New Bulgarian University. He works in animated and documentary cinema, sculpture, and photography. He has produced animated films that have won awards at festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. He has taken part in general and solo exhibitions. He also lectures in animation at the New Bulgarian University.

Festivals & Awards: 2023 Vasil Gendov Awards of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers: Best Animated Film Debut; 2022 CEE ANIMATION TALENTS, BEST BULGARIAN FILM; New Bulgarian University Animation Program; 2022 Zagreb Film Festival, Bulgarian Animation Program; 2022 MONSTRA Animation Film Festival Portugal; 2021 World Festival of Animated Film, Varna