| 2023
| 90 min.
| Documentary

Script: Marin Damianov. Nadelina Aneva
Director: Rossen Elezov
Cinematography: Teodor Yanev
Music: Konstantin Tzekov

Production: Magic – Georgi Nikolov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Twenty years ago, we sent military Rangers—men, women, Christians, but also Muslims—to Iraq. Despite a bombing attack that killed five soldiers, Bulgaria continued its peacekeeping mission. For a month and a half, the boys fought street battles in Kerbala against a numerous enemy. Today, former Rangers ask themselves: ‘What were we fighting for?’ Politicians give their answer: ‘So that Bulgaria would become a worthy NATO member.’

ROSSEN ELEZOV is a film and TV director, with more than thirty-five years’ experience in documentary and popular science films and TV programmes.