| 2022
| 27 min.
| Documentary
| Debut

Script: Georgi Gotsin, Peter Rusev
Director: Peter Rusev
Cinematography: Elena Nikolaeva, Tsvetan Lyubenov
Music: Vasil Grancharov

Production designer: Hristina Mavrodieva

Production: Gallant Spirit Productions, Doli Media Studio – Georgi Gotsin, Dobromir Chochov

Paul and Remy met at a festival, and were soon to become a Romeo and Juliet amid the elite of sand sculptors. Deciding to live and work together, they receive many invitations to show their work at the most prestigious festivals worldwide, which win them many awards. The film is а confessional tour of their sand art and their love for each other.

PETER RUSEV graduated in Film Direction from the European Film College, Denmark. He scripted and directed ‘The Boxes’, a short film made at Zentropa, Lars von Trier’s film company; was director of the Glass House TV drama series, and the award-winning short novella, ‘Night Lights and Running Fish’, shown at international festivals. ‘Apostol: A Gentle Knight in Brutalia’ is his first feature film.