| 2023
| 68 min.
| Documentary

Script: Vasil Nikolov
Director: Damyan Nikolov
Cinematography: Miroslav Dimitrov
Music: Kalin Baichev

Production: Provocautor Ltd. – Stefan Kostov

The film depicts the life of a lonely beekeeper living in the abandoned village of Debeltsovo. Filmed over a period of twenty-nine months in one of the most remote corners of Bulgaria, the film transports us to a different, intimate and breathtakingly beautiful world. The main character of the film is the bee, Polly, who takes the audience on a journey, acting as the narrator and heroic saviour of her sisters. In the name of the people. In the name of civilisation.

DAMIAN NIKOLOV is a Bulgarian director and screenwriter with extensive experience as an assistant director on numerous film productions. This is his solo feature-length documentary debut.