| 2023
| 7 min.
| Animation

Script: Nikolay Dimitrov
Director: Nikolay Dimitrov
Animation: Nikolay Dimitrov
Music: Plamen Tsvetanov

Production: VAIK FILMS – Valerii Kostov

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Who am I? This is one of the fundamental questions that torment human beings. ‘Reflections’ is a film about man’s wandering around the labyrinth of the numerous projections of his way of life and his tragic experience in searching for his own identity.
NIKOLAY DIMITROV was born in Sofia in 1967. In 1995, he graduated in Animation Direction from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, in the class of Professor Donyo Donev. He has worked as an artist, animator, and storyboarder on many productions in Bulgaria, Hungary and New Zealand.