| 2009
| 55 min.
| Documentary



Script: Malina Petrova
Director: Malina Petrova
Cinematography: Georgi Nikolov
Music: Bozhidar Petkov

Production: Production: Utre Foundation – Malina Petrova

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

On 26 August 1990, the Headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party was set on fire. For fifteen years, the arson case did not make it to the courtroom until, finally, to the relief of all known and unknown participants, it was dismissed on the grounds of the statute of limitations. Eighteen years after the event, a film crew decided to cast some light on this Bulgarian nebulosity by making a documentary.

MALINA PETROVA studied Mathematics at Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia, before graduating in Film Direction from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, in 1978. She worked at the Boyana Film Studios (1979–90). She was second director to Rangel Valchamov on ‘The Patent Leather Shoes of the Unknown Soldier’. She debuted with the film ‘Journey’ (1980), a collaboration with Iskra Yosifova. Her second feature was ‘Maria’s Son (1982). From 1984, she focused on documentary cinema, producing numerous films including ‘24, Tetevenska St.’ (1984), ‘Man ls Not an Island’ (1985), ‘Pantheon’ (1988), ‘The Farm’ (1988), ‘The Heart Dies Last’ (1990), ‘The River’ (1995), ‘The Children of Maria Magdalena (2001), ‘The Spirit and the Stones’ (2006), ‘Statute of Limitations’ (2009), and ‘The Crystal of the Soul’.