| 2023
| 12 min.
| Animation

Script: Dimitar Dimitrov
Director: Dimitar Dimitrov
Animation: Dimitar Dimitrov
Music: Dimitar Dimitrov

Production: Metamorfoza-N – Neli Gacharova

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Ironic: a grotesque story about a father and his daughter who first die, then mysteriously revive, and the apparent drama melts into the lightness of a game in which death is stripped of weight and transformed into a paper bird. The aesthetics of absurdity embedded in the script was inspired by the work of Daniil Kharms.

DIMITAR DIMITROV graduated in Animation Direction from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, in the class of Prof. Donyo Donev. Director, production designer, animator, editor, co-writer and sound designer, he has made seventeen short and medium-length animated films, which have appeared in over 450 international festivals for animation, short cinema, new media and video art, and have won more than fifty awards.

Festivals & Awards: 2023 Animateka, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 2023 Piccolo festival dell’animazione, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy