| 2023
| 90 min.
| Documentary

Script: Mitko Novkov
Director: Kostadin Bonev
Cinematography: Alex Samoungi

Production: Trivium Films – Kostadin Bonev

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center, Profilm BG, Stilproject MN

There are people who change the way of thinking of entire generations. They could be philosophers. They could also be politicians. But it is the poets who are the most important. For their messages permanently stick in people’s minds. They can be chanted. They can be sung. Once remembered, they become the creed of people. ‘THE TIN SOLDIER’! A movie about personal freedom as the supreme value.

KOSTADIN BONEV graduated from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia. As the scriptwriter and director of more than twenty films, he has been awarded many national and international prizes, including being a five-time winner of Bulgarian Film Academy awards; and is a member of The European Film Academy and the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers.