| 2022
| 56 min.
| Documentary

Script: Boyko Vassilev
Director: Lachezar Avramov
Cinematography: Mihail Vrabchev and Hristo Obreshkov

Production: Bulgarian National Television

1994. Sarajevo is under siege. The Bosnian war is raging, reaching its climax. Vanja is three years old. Her father is a Bosnian Serb, her mother a Bosnian Muslim. Despite the tragedy, they still believe in togetherness and ethnical harmony.
2022. A new war is raging in Europe. Journalist Boyko Vassilev returns to Sarajevo to search for the people he met twenty-eight years ago. An encounter with the spirit of Sarajevo, war memories, and those who fight hate and division.

LACHEZAR AVRAMOV is a director, screenwriter and producer. He graduated in Film and TV Direction from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, in the class of Prof. Vladislav Ikonomov. Over the past twenty years, he has made three feature films, more than thirty documentaries, numerous TV programmes, commercials and music videos.
BOYKO VASSILEV is a journalist at the Bulgarian National Television, and the producer and presenter of Panorama, a weekly current affairs programme. In 2001, defending his thesis on communications, he was awarded a PhD. An expert on the Balkans, he covered the wars in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, as well as those in Syria and Iraq.

Vassilev has received several Bulgarian and international awards for his journalistic activities: Person of the Year in Media for Central and Eastern Europe (Sarajevo, 2016), the Golden Rhyton for TV Documentary (Plovdiv, 1999) and the Special Prize at the Sarajevo TV Festival in 2000.