| 2022
| 73 min.
| Animation

Script: Valeri Petrov
Director: Anri Koulev
Production designer: Anri Koulev
Animation: Miroslava Yankova, Yanko Petrov, Georgi Dimitrov
Music: Lubomir Denev

Production: KANCELARIA FILM LTD – Svetla Ganeva

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center, Bulgarian National Television, Doli Media Studio

A group of animated characters, as in a Shakespearean theatre, spilling jokes and experiencing adventures, will lead little Svetlyo along the tracks of an unuttered childhood lie. Because the Dog, the Woodpecker, the Turtle and the Mole play the role of edifying transmission that morally connects the two—the children’s and the adults’ worlds. Or as the Saint Bernard guru puts it: ‘… ’cause, dear kids, you know, dangers do come sometimes in packs, just like chewing gum: sweet lies and bad toys, betrayals for fun, like all girls and boys perform in the sun.

ANRI KOULEV is a director, artist, animator, screenwriter, producer, set designer, cartoonist, teacher of animation direction; the man who revived the World Animation Film Festival in Varna after a twenty-year hiatus. He has produced and directed more than seventy animated, documentary, feature films, and operatic performances. His works have won awards at numerous international festivals, including prizes from Annecy, Ottawa, Oberhausen, Krakow, New York, Chicago, Bratislava, Moscow, and Varna. He is a multiple winner of prestigious Bulgarian awards at the Golden Rhyton and Golden Rose festivals, from the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers, the Union of Bulgarian Artists, the Bulgarian Film Academy; and the Golden Age State Award of the Ministry of Culture

Festivals & Awards: 2022 World premiere, MONSTRA Lisbon Animation Festival; 2023 Vasil Gendov Festival of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers: Best Animated Film, Best Animated Film Script