| 2022
| 28 min.
| Documentary

Script: Mira Dobreva
Director: Daniel Ahmakov
Cinematography: Kamen Rozov

Production: Bulgarian National Television – Vessela Smiletz

The film examines the fate of five people addicted to gambling, alcohol, food or drugs. The treadmill that makes a person spin around like a hamster in a cage, from which one can rarely, with difficulty, escape.

DANIEL AHMAKOV, a film and television director, but his incessant thirst for creating leads him to visual effects, motion design, and the innovative visual techniques of artificial intelligence. For almost ten years, he lived and worked in Germany, having the opportunity to work as an animator and visual effects artist in various television and film projects for some of the major post-production studios in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Returning to Bulgaria in 2021, he began working on several BNT productions, such as ‘Close’, ‘100% Awake’, ‘Innovative’, and ‘In Frame’.