| 2023
| 47 min.
| Documentary

Script: George Toshev
Director: George Toshev
Cinematography: George Gvozdev

Production: Medium Station 15 Ltd. – Andrey Arnaudov, Ivan Hristov

Supported the Bulgarian National Film Center

The film is dedicated to Prof. Vasil Arnaudov, the world-famous Bulgarian conductor, long-time leader of the Lyubomir Pipkov Sofia Chamber Choir, conductor of the Ruse Rodina Choir, one of the most prominent representatives of Bulgarian musical culture in the second half of the 20th century, and a famous pedagogue and choral conductor.

GEORGI TOSHEV is a journalist, director and producer. He has produced some forty-three documentaries, including ‘Requiem’, dedicated to Emil Tchakarov; ‘Monologue’ and ‘Lambo from Sofia’ (about Stefan Danailov); ‘Pieces of Life’ and ‘Of People and Magicians’ (about Tsvetana Maneva); ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Journey’ (about Nevena Kokanova); ‘Personal Conversation’ (about Naum Shopov); and ‘Letter from Tuscany’ (about Boris Christoff). He has also written twelve books. He works for bTV, BNT, BBC, ARTE, ZDF, RFI; newspapers 24 Hours, Continent, and Dnevnik; magazines LIK, EDNO, and L’Europeo.