| 2022
| 6.30 min.
| Animation

Script: Dilyan Elenkov
Director: Dimitar Dimitrov
Animation: Dimitar Dimitrov
Music: Egor Zabelov

Production: Metamorfoza-N Ltd

Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

A little girl named WAR, with supernatural abilities, is growing up isolated in a foster home. Flowers wither, trees dry up, objects are set on fire by her proximity and touch. One day, WAR escapes from the orphanage and, now at liberty, unfolds her gift to the extreme, causing all sorts of disasters to humanity. When everything seems hopeless and the world lies in flames and ashes, on the last unburned island, in a ray of light, WAR encounters love in the face of a boy named PEACE.

DIMITAR DIMITROV graduated in Animation Direction from the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, in the class of Prof. Donyo Donev. Director, production designer, animator, editor, co-writer and sound designer, he has made seventeen short and medium-length animated films, which have appeared in over 450 international festivals for animation, short cinema, new media and video art, and have won more than fifty awards.

Festivals and Awards: Best Short Film (0-10’), 2022 Golden Kuker, Bulgaria; Special Mention UBFM, 2022 WFAF VARNA, Bulgaria; 2023 Anim’Est, France; 2023 Anibar, Peja, Kosovo; 2023 Linoleum, Kiev, Ukraine; REX Animation Film Festival, Sweden