| 2023
| 76 min.
| Documentary

Script: Milena Fuchedzhieva
Director: Milena Fuchedzhieva
Cinematography: Emil Topuzov
Music: Assen Avramov

Production: Magic Shop – Georgi Nikolov

Supported the Bulgarian National Film Center

In October 1941, Joseph Goebbels invited thirty-seven European writers to a month-long seminar—his plan was to create a European Writers’ Union to promote the German vision of the world. Thirty-six men and one woman accepted the invitation and boarded the train to Weimar. Did they know that the next stop after Weimar was Buchenwald? Who were these men, who was the woman? What happened to the Union following the fall of the Third Reich? Where did propaganda begin and where did it end? What was the true cost of the ticket for this trip?

MILENA FUCHEDZHIEVA is a writer and publicist, screenwriter, director and producer of theatrical productions, TV series and documentaries.