2020, 60‘, documentary

When you lose a child, you either fall into despair or take to building. The challenge of building a chapel high in the mountains as a unifying image of ordinary man’s power, will, spirit, and a memorial to those who will always live in our hearts. ZOYA DIMITROVA majored in theology, history and family therapy. Writer/director of the New Enlighteners documentary series (2007– 2009) about the enthusiasts maintaining churches and monasteries in Bulgaria nowadays. Director of A Vegan on the Top (2016), Archbishop Seraphim, Wonderworker of Sofia (2015), Being an Autist (2009), Of Stork Nests (2008).
Script: Zoya Dimitrova Director: Zoya Dimitrova Cinematography: Milena Stoykova Music: Nikolay Ivanov-OM Production: Turandot Ltd, Milena Stoykova Contact: +359 897 296377, turandot_films@abv.bg
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