2019, 5’20’, documentary

In 1986, the agricultural sector was agonising when the ‘developed socialism’ in the People’s Republic was in its prime. The crop was rotting in the fields unharvested and potatoes were imported from Poland. The old people in the abandoned villages could not cope and the Communist Party and the Komsomol enlisted schoolboys and schoolgirls to harvest maincrop potatoes. Urban children, who never did agricultural work, finding themselves in primitive hygienic conditions collapsed in the fields. Enlisting pupils failed to tackle the problem. The teenagers were caught in a vicious circle that could not be broken.


Youlia Kantcheva has written, directed and produced 18 documentaries, 2 feature films, 2 TV dramas, 1 one-act play and TV programs for BNT, as well as short films. Her films have been selected and screened at national and international film and TV festivals in Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Lyon, Paris, Krakow, New York, Augsburg, Barcelona, Bratislava, Strasbourg, Noubrandenburg, Sofia, Plovdiv, Moscow, Varna, etc., winning her 3 national and 7 international awards, including Silver Dragon in Krakow (1989); a Special Mention for a documentary at Prix Europa Festival in Strasbourg; the People’s Choice Award, Journalists’ Award and Seiko Award at TIFF 1989, Tokyo, etc. Her latest documentaries In the Mirror and All For Sale were nominated for Prix Europa. In September 2017, In the Mirror won the Best Full-Length Documentary Award at Ferfilm Festival.

Script: Ivo Draganov

Director: Youlia Kantcheva

Cinematography: Wmil Hristov