2018, 38’, , documentary debut

A programmer, Vasil becomes a ramshackle mountain hut keeper. He launches an appeal for aid in social networks and asks his friends to help him rebuild the place. Will anyone turn up?


ALEXANDER LEBEDEVSKY is a film and TV director; He studied Film and TV Directing at NBU. His short feature Five Minutes to the End of the Summer, screened at Golden Rose, Montekatini and Early Bird film festivals. He is director of the documentary The Last Citizens of Calais.


Festivals & Awards:

Selected for First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019; Shortlisted for New Harvest FF 2019, Russia; shortlisted for Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2019


Script: Alexander Lebedevsky

Director: Alexander Lebedevsky

Cinematography: Alexander Lebedevsky

Production: Zographic Flms – Lachezar Velinov

Contact: +359 2 443 8000,,,