2020, 5’, animation

Festive observation of tourist indulgence in an abundance of food, flags, music, flesh, alcohol, lust and desire. All this spiced up with Mexican flavour. The film is based on the poem Love in Times of Tourism by Petar Tchouhov and is part of Mark & Verse animation poetry collection. VESSELA DANTCHEVA has been an animation professional since her graduation in Animation in 2002. She is a co-founder of Compote Collective production studio. Over the past 12 years she has developed, directed and produced independent animation films, many of which are highly acclaimed by the international animation industry. She is a lecturer in Animation Studies at the National Academy of Art and New Bulgarian University, Sofia. Festivals & Awards: Special Mention, In the Palace ISFF 2020, Balchik
Script: Petar Tchuhov
Director: Vessela Dantcheva
Animation: Vessela Dantcheva, Iva Tokmakchieva
Music: BigBanda Soundscapers
Production: Compote Collective – Vessela Dantcheva
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center and Compote Collective