Germany/Bulgaria, 2020, 8’, animation

The lives of four lively arctic hares take a turn after discovering a strange new creature. MILEN VITANOV was born in Prague, raised in Sofia and studied Animation at the University of Film and Television in Germany (2007). His shorts participated in many international festivals and received numerous prestigious awards. Festivals & Awards: Premiere at Berlinale 2020, IFF Sarajevo 2020; IFF della Lessinia 2020; IFF Rhode Island 2020, etc.
Script: Vera Trajanova, Milen Vitanov
Director: Milen Vitanov
Cinematography: Olaf Aue
Music: Leonard Petersen
Production: ZDF Redaktion Siebenstein – Milen Vitanov
Co-producer Bulgaria: Aktivist38 – Vesela Kazakova, Mina Mileva,
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center, FFA, BKM
Contact: +49 174 4828746, http://www.milen-vitanov.com/mishou. film/presskit.html, +359 8878 856 383, http://activist38.com/activist38-film-company/index.html