1978, 9’34’’, animation

A man walks a tightrope struggling with the heavy wind blowing in his face, battling to keep his balance and stay upright. When he eventually steps on the high platform, where the people, who blew together against him, are standing, he takes his place among them to enthusiastically start blowing against the next one treading the tightrope.


Nikolay Todorov (1952–2019) studied Animation at the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow (1978). Since 1979 he has worked for Sofia Animation Film Studio as a director/art director/animator/writer, making over 90 animated films and winning top international prizes. His Megalomania was selected at IFF Cannes 1980 in the Best Animated Film category. Odyssey was selected at Hiroshima IFF among the top 10 animated films made in the recent 3 decades. The Museum of Modern Art, New York has acquired his films for its collections. His solo exhibits were put on display in Moscow, New York, Annecy, Espinho, Zagreb, Lucca, Frankfurt, Oberhausen, etc. He co-produced and co-directed the play Inaccessible in collaboration with Krzysztof Zanussi and Anri Kolev.


Script: Nikolay Todorov

Director: Nikolay Todorov

Production designer: Nikolay Todorov

Music: Raicho Lubenov

Animator: Nikolay Todorov

Cinematography: Hristo Hadjiev

Producer: Sofia Animation Film Studio