2018, 112‘,documentary

Great Bulgarian artist and public figure Svetlin Roussev has for several years related the story of his life to film director Atanas Kiryakov. The documentary portrays today’s Bulgaria through the eyes of the thinker and master, who felt right at home on this country’s art scene. ATANAS KIRYAKOV is a writer/director. He studied at the Higher School of Film Arts in Paris. He worked for BNT and Vreme Film Studio. His credits include more than 100 films: The Survivors (1990) and The Doomed (1994) about the camps in Belene and Lovech, the documentaries There’s Hell in Heaven, Too (2007, Golden Rhyton), Taking Refuge in Memory, Let’s Save the Air (1977), etc.
Script: Atanas Kiryakov Director: Atanas Kiryakov Cinematography: Dimitar Mitov Production: Dimitar Mitov, Zoko Films, Ars Digital Studio Contact: phone :+3592888309164,; +359 2 846 83 61, +359 2 846 83 62,,,