2019, 55’30’’, documentary

Using interviews with renowned film critics, students and colleagues, the film portrays Prof. Anri Koulev, author/director/producer of feature, animated and documentary films, set designer (in Germany), cartoonist and animator, who has been behind the movement, known as Bulgarian School of Animation; director of WFAF, Varna and founder of the courses in animation at NBU.


Prof. Dr. IVO DRAGANOV teaches e-media management; TV programming, TV dramaturgy, PR at NBU and NATFA, Sofia. His cross-disciplinary research is focused on film, TV and society management and public relations, as well as on skills, mutual influence. Winner of the Bulgarian Film Academy Annual Award for Film Studies 2011.


Script: Ivo Draganov

Director: Ivo Draganov

Cinematography: Petar Nedev

Production: NBU

Supported by NBU under the European Researchers’ Night project funded by the European Commission

Contact: +359 888 629782, idraganov@nbu.bg