2020, 31’, documentary debut

An episode of Remember the War of 1915–1918 docuseries of the Military TV, telling a story of heroic self-sacrifice. In 33 hours alone, the impregnable Fortress of Tutrakan fell to the brave Bulgarian troops. MARIA TSVETKOVA majored in International Journalism at the University of Sofia. Her journalistic career spans two decades. Writer/ director of Remember the War of 1915–1918 docuseries (Bulgaria Joins WW1, The Defeat of Serbia, The Battles at Florina and Kaymakchalan and The Epic Battle for Tutrakan).
Script: Radoslav Simeonov
Director: Maria Tsvetkova
Cinematography: Peter Georgiev, Kiril Batsiev
Production: MoD IC, Military TV
Co-Production: National Museum of Military History
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