2019, 5’, animation debut

A woman burdened with memories of the past and frustrated by the lack of loved ones seeks peace and quiet in the confused world around her. The film is based on the poem The Last Day by Maria Doneva.

Part of the animated poetry films project Mark & Verse, Vol. 2


DALIBOR RAJNINGER (b. 1972) graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1995. For over 20 years he has worked as a leading animator at animation studios in Belgrade, Budapest and Sofia. He has participated in various films, visual projects and competitions in the field of comics, illustration, gif animation and music.


Festivals & Awards:

In the Palace ISFF 2019, Balchik; CinEast 2019, Luxembourg; CineLibri 2019, Sofia

Script: Dalibor Rajningerр based on Maria Doneva’s poem

Director: Dalibor Rajninger

Animation: Dalibor Rajninger

Music: Dalibor Rajninger, Mihail Yosifov

V.O.: Linda Rousseva

Production: Compote Collective Ltd – Vessela Dantcheva

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center, under Mark & Verse project