2020, 58’, documentary

On the Macedonian front in WWI, 21-year-old Rudolf von Eschwege was the only fighter pilot defending the Bulgarian army to soon become the best ace in the region, dubbed the White Eagle. The enemies couldn’t shoot him down in a fair fight, so they adopted a ruse of war to kill him. Yet, his friends, Bulgarian pilots Balan and Uzunov succeeded him as the White Eagles. VLADIMIR SHTERIANOV studied Film Directing in Moscow under the tutorship of Vladimir Motyl. He directed TV series, feature and documentary films in Bulgaria and Russia, working with some of the most renowned Russian production companies. In 2016, his documentary film, The Legend won the Grand Prize in documentary film category at Ulyanovsk FF.
Script: Dimitar Nedyalkov
Director: Vladimir Shterianov
Cinematography: Emil Topuzov
Production: Doli Media Studio – Dobromir Chochov
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