2019, 25’12’’, documentary

А brief and emotional view of a provocative art that reveals the inner observations of a visual type of person, who uses the eye as an organ of perception to explore the metaphor hidden in nature. Such people use photography to capture and keep a moment, realising that it is unique in itself.


PETKO YAKIMOV is a director interested in feature films and documentary; 3D graphics and visual effects specialist, working for a number of theatres, film productions and TV channels; PhD in Digital Film Technology, MA in Directing (NBU Sofia), MA in Scenography (National Academy of Art, Sofia).

Script: Veronika Yakimova

Director: Petko Yakimov

Cinematography: Petko Yakimov

Production designer: Veronika Yakimova

Music: Mikhail Shishkov & Son

Production: Studio 865 – Stoyko Petkov

Contact: +359 24915865,,