2020, 84‘ 35‘‘, documentary

A film about the writers Rashko Sugarev, Binyo Ivanov and Lyuben Petkov, whose work would do honour to any literature. Yet, this is not a film about their books and poems, but rather about those events in their lives that faced them with the choice who should they be: citizens or lackeys. BOYAN PAPAZOV is known for his feature films Everything Is Love and A Woman at 33. He is also a famous playwright, whose plays have received prestigious national and international awards such as Icarus by the Union of Bulgarian Actors (2001); Askeer for contemporary Bulgarian playwrighting (2005) and three times Grand Prix at Ivan Radoev National Competition for a Bulgarian Drama.
Script: Boyan Рapazov
Director: Boyan Рapazov
Cinematography: Ivan Tonev
Production: Ars Digital Studio – Ivan Tonev
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: +359 2 846 83 61, +359 2 846 83 62, office@arsdigital.org, i_tonev@arsdigital.org, www.arsdigital.org