2020, 52’29”, documentary debut

This documentary, occasioned by the forty-fifth anniversary of art house cinemas in Bulgaria, is a kaleidoscope of archival materials, interviews, collages of cult art house films and re-enactments, by which the filmmakers seek to show how important it is to have an alternative to mainstream cinema. IVAN IVANOV is an Assoc. Prof., Department of Film Studies and Playwriting, NATFA, Sofia, where he teaches Film History. A member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and Academica 21 Association. This is his directorial debut.
Script: Irina Ivanova, Georgi Dimitrov
Director: Ivan Ivanov
Cinematography: Ivan Ilchev
Production: Magic Shop – Georgi Nikolov
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: action.nikolov@gmail.com
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